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Mayes' Midwifery









Gail Johnson


16th Edition

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Mayes’ Midwifery is a core text for students in the UK, known and loved for its in-depth approach and its close alignment with curricula and practice in this country. The sixteenth edition has been fully updated by leading midwifery educators Sue Macdonald and Gail Johnson, and input from several new expert contributors ensures this book remains at the cutting edge.


The text covers all the main aspects of midwifery in detail, including the various stages of pregnancy, possible complexities around childbirth, and psychological and social considerations related to women’s health. It provides the most recent evidence along with detailed anatomy and physiology information, and how these translate into practice.

Packed full of case studies, reflective activities and images, and accompanied by an ancillary website with 600 multiple choice questions and downloadable images, Mayes’ Midwifery makes learning easy for nursing students entering the profession as well as midwives returning to practice and qualified midwives working in different settings in the UK and overseas.

  • Expert contributors include midwifery academics and clinicians, researchers, physiotherapists, neonatal nurse specialists, social scientists and legal experts
  • Learning outcomes and key points to support structured study
  • Reflective activities to apply theory to practice
  • Figures, tables and breakout boxes help navigation and revision
  • Associated online resources with over 600 MCQs, reflective activities, case studies, downloadable image bank to help with essay and assignment preparation
  • Further reading to deepen knowledge and understanding
  • New chapters addressing the issues around being a student midwife and entering the profession
  • More detail about FGM and its legal implications, as well as transgender/binary individuals in pregnancy and childbirth
  • New information on infection and control following from the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Enhanced artwork program






16th Edition











Gail Johnson began her career in nursing and has been a midwife for more than 30 years. In her midwifery practice Gail worked largely in the community with a focus on normality before moving into midwifery education.Gail’s current role is as a professional advisor in education at the Royal College of Midwives (RCM). She is responsible for the delivery of continuing professional development (CPD) activities for midwives across the UK and overseas. As part of this role Gail has designed and delivered a number of successful large conferences for midwives, including the RCM Legal birth conference and the Bereavement conference. The model for these events has been rolled out across the UK.Gail is also the professional lead on the RCM e-learning initiative, i-learn. The success of the online learning has seen the content increase with over 80 courses available with new content online throughout the year. In addition Gail has worked with the RCM's Chief Executive Professor Cathy Warwick in advising the NHSLeadership Academy on leadership challenges for midwives and nurses, attending a number of development meetings. Her leadership work has enabled her to work closely with midwives at all levels and recently worked with colleagues to design and deliver multidisciplinary workshops for labour ward leaders, addressing the challenges and cultures of maternity service. She also provides advice and consultancy to a number of external agencies both at national and international level on issues which impact on wider health or public health issues. For examples she is the designated lead on stillbirth and bereavement care and works with the Department of Health (England) and Sands (UK) on the role of maternity services in reducing stillbirth and improving bereavement care.In supporting midwives and representing the midwifery profession Gail is frequently asked to speak to the press and media on midwifery, maternity and women's health issues.

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